Body language – a universal communication tool

Body language is a significant means of genuine expression – it doesn’t lie. We hide behind our words, and seek to give a certain impression.

Regardless of what language you speak, the international language of body language allows all cultures to communicate. It allows anyone of any age to express themselves, from an infant right up to the elderly, without even speaking one word. There’s no mistaking the meaning of a smile, a wave or a simple hand gesture to ask for or to offer assistance.

While we can control our body language to a fair degree, one thing we can’t control is our pupils – yes, one of the most subtle signs that someone is attracted to you is in the eyes. Nancy Fagin writes on the BBW Magazine website: “One of the obvious signs of physiological attraction is enlarged pupils. There are two main factors that cause our pupils to dilate, attraction and dim light. To confirm whether you think someone’s eyes are dilating, try and do some subtle comparisons with others in the same room.”

With all the advancements of modern technologies, and for those who utilize social online tools such as Face Book, free dating websites or singles chat rooms , online social outlets still make it difficult to determine ones body language in comparison to conventional dating methods where you have the advantage to determine whether he or she is interested in you by their body language.

There are plenty of other clues that show whether someone is interested in you or not. And if you’re looking for clues, cast your eyes down to the ground and see what his or her feet are doing – if their feet are pointing in your direction, then you could be on a winner.

And the foot bone is connected to the leg bone….Yep, legs will tell you something as well. If someone likes you, they will cross their legs towards you – if the legs are crossed away from you, this is a way of shutting you out.

More obvious is the way the body is facing. Says Nancy Fagin “the trunk of their body will face you squarely” if they’re interested. Mirroring is another fascinating aspect of body language. Tim Boucher, a self-described itinerant scholar, explains it like this on his website: “(Mirroring) “Put simply, this implies you subconsciously do whatever it is they are doing. When they choose to move forward in your direction to say something intimate to you, you also move forward to meet them. Equally, if they move back in their chair and take a sip from their glass and look you straight in the eye, when you are attracted to someone, you will pause then copy them”.

The hypothesis behind mirroring means that basically we like someone, or can sometimes be attracted to people who we mirror and are more likely to trust them. When a person does what we are doing, we are more inclined to feel like they are on our level and can assume they feel comfortable in our company.

Touch is another big cue. If the person finds any excuse to touch you (like removing a bit of lint from your clothing) this is a sign that they’re keen. Touch is used by singles in the flirting stakes to communicate interest. So learn to read the signs…from top to toe, our bodies always tell the truth.

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