Conversation tips

For most of us, getting the conversation started with a complete stranger is a daunting thought. Overcoming this fear has the potential for you to create new worlds and embark on new ventures when ever you please.

Our advice on tackling this tricky terrain may at first sound like an obvious approach, but it’s about getting a feel for how your advances will be accepted and whether you should continue or back off.

So let’s make it real simple, a simple “Hi there” and a friendly smile is all it takes to gauge how your comment has been accepted. No-one knows you better than yourself, so go with your gut feeling and back yourself if your instinct is sending you positive signals.

Secondly, introduce yourself – so far it’s pretty straight forward right? However before you break the ice by saying hi, we suggest you have some small talk up your sleeve before approaching this person.

Comment on the environment and surroundings or perhaps make a point of asking them about how nice their appearance is. Because if there is one sure way to win a person affections, it’s by dishing out the compliments – no-one is going to tell you to get lost after complimenting them.

We’re sure we are not telling you any ground breaking news or uncovered ideas, but all of us as humans respond positively when someone brightens up our day, and it’s often the simple comments or gestures that can easily get the conversation going.

Make sure your approaches are done in a non threatening way. For example, don’t approach a pretty lady for conversation in a deserted underground shopping center car park – you could end up coping a dose of capsicum spray.

The time and place to make your advances need to be done when the intended person is in a safe and secure environment. Not only is this common sense, but a pleasant environment also makes for easy conversation.

Making a comment about something a person obviously places a lot of importance in is a great way to break the ice. Something they are emotionally attached to, for example a tattoo or a piece of jewelry.

Once you master this technique, life as you know it will change forever and doors will start to open for you like never before.

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