How The Digital Age is Invading Online Dating

Technology seems to have invaded practically all aspects of our lives, whether it be in the kids classroom, or within our work place or the way in which we mate and date!

Todays Dating polled around 1100 of its members in order to determine how the digital age has impacted on ordinary men and women, including their sex lives!

Social media marketing has revealed the inner stalker within virtually every person…..

More than 80% of all those interviewed claim they would never de-friend their ex partner on Facebook or Myspace, meaning that more people seem to be willing to remain friends after a split – although considering 68% of people claim to have stalked their ex in some form throws confusion over this theory.

71% of girls claim to have kept tabs on their boyfriends former ex lovers, and for the guys, it seems that if you still keep in touch with your ex, there’s a 38% chance you current girl is very annoyed about it!

58% of guys claim to have looked into the background behaviours or social patterns of a girl prior to going on a date, 68% of girls have done the exact same thing.

When it comes to snooping around, women are more likely to than men. Nearly 50% of females regularly check the history on the home pc, a further 74% will check out his inbox at an opportune moment.

Technology makes it somewhat easier to keep things under wraps – so it seems.

Staying in touch via text messaging is the number one way that couples stay in touch. Guys text their lover 39% of the time as opposed to calling or emailing whilst the girls text their guy 83% of the time. Sexting is a popular way to flirt, 72% of women have sexted their guy at some point, and 64% of girls have also sent their guy revealing pictures, which can sometimes turn out to be a regretful decision.

57% of men claim that their sex lives had improved dramatically as a result of online dating, whereas 76% of women said they would prefer a cuddle instead of sex if they had to have one or the other…

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