Online Dating is Catching on in China

If you watch the news or read the newspaper, you’ll know full well how China is moving forward in many different ways and is driving the world economy whilst the rest of the world can only sit back and watch this powerhouse nation emerge as one of the worlds great nations.

And the Chinese are not likely to sit back and let love pass them by either. In China today, there is an estimated one hundred and eighty million young single Chinese men and women of marriageable age. Even though arranged marriages and family matchmakers are still a way of life throughout China, young modern singles are increasingly resisting traditional matchmaking roles and are taking action to choose their own spouse.

Furthermore, approximately 28% of parents or guardians of marriageable age young people are generally encouraging them to find appropriate partners based on the 2010 China Marriage Status Review, of which claims its targeted market to be at approximately 2.2 million. This review was published in November via the China Bureau of Matrimony and Family Unit Authority. Some 33,498 men and women within the age groups of twenty and twenty six were surveyed throughout the Far East mainland.

Among this report, and various others, showed that more and more young Chinese singles were opting for alternate ways to find a partner outside of the traditional boundaries. Social networking websites have seen memberships from China boom noticeably with an increase in participation climbing 65% since 2008. And it seems that Chinese Internet marketers and entrepreneurs have been taking notice paving the way for a more targeted market opportunity. – based in Shenzhen, is one of the more established players who has targeted the huge hole in the Chinese dating market and was one of the first online dating sites to provide an online platform for Chinese singles to search for a partner. In China, Zhenai means “cherished love,” the Chinese dating site was in fact established by some of China’s most successful business people co-founded by Wall Street Banker Li Song and former general manager of Dell China, Roger Chen.

When first launched in 2005, there was a 6 monthly subscription fee of 1,000 yuan, members also have a reciprocal arrangement with to access respective databases. The subscription has since been increased to 3,000 yuan.

Such is the success of online dating sites and matchmaking in general in China right now, Television stations have created various matchmaking and entertainment programmes featuring single men and women live to air to try and see which people indicate signs of chemistry. Numerous dating sites are providing online subscriptions for these types of TV programs and present suitable individuals to Television stations after examining their profile information.

So it seems China is embracing the concept of online dating and even taking it to new levels.

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