Dating disasters – a survival guide

We’ve all been there – the disastrous date. Dating disasters come in all flavors – from spilling your meal all over your date, to saying something you shouldn’t, to running into (or blabbering about) your ex, to making a fool of yourself because you’ve had too much to drink. Dating disasters can be sorted into

Should you take a chance on a set-up date?

Blind dating. Some singles would never dare. Others are willing to give it a try. Before you throw the concept out the window, remember that a lot of successful couples met through a blind date. Supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband Rande Gerber met on a blind date, as did Pete Sampras and his beloved

For girls only – should I ask him out?

Should a girl ask a guy out for a date? This is a tricky question indeed. Some guys love it, others prefer to do the chasing. And some guys may think it’s an invitation for more than just lunch or dinner…we think you know what we mean… Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, authors of the

Body language – a universal communication tool

Body language is a significant means of genuine expression – it doesn’t lie. We hide behind our words, and seek to give a certain impression. Regardless of what language you speak, the international language of body language allows all cultures to communicate. It allows anyone of any age to express themselves, from an infant right

Breaking up – a survival guide

A break-up can shake the very foundations of your world. Romantic rejection is simply one of the most painful experiences a human heart can take. If your heart is broken, this is the time to put yourself and your feelings first – to pamper yourself. But there’s a balance to be struck between acknowledging and

Finding the right photo for your dating profile

In the real world, first impressions count. And in the cyberworld of online dating, it’s your online profile that will make that vital first impression. A picture speaks a thousand words, so your photo is of utmost importance. In a bid to stay anonymous, some singles don’t post their real photos. Others are shy or

Across the miles – the long distance romance

Love can come into our lives in ways we never expected or that is sometimes a less than ideal situation. The power of love is like no other force we know, with thousands of hopeless romantics changing their lives everyday to pursue long distance love. But, to coin a phrase, absence makes the heart grow

Tips for online dating profiles

When it comes to dating sites, it’s your online profile that will makes the vital first impression. Putting together your dating profile can cause online daters a lot of angst. But it doesn’t have to. First, your profile will be more effective and likely to get a response if you use a photo (see our
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