Desperation point – the ultimate turn-off

Sometimes, especially for older people, being single can lead to feelings of desperation. We’ve all been there – it’s been months, maybe even longer, since we’ve had a date – so what really is the best approach? We meet people we like, but they’re always attached. Or we meet someone that’s unattached, but there’s no

Single and loving it – for girls only

If you think marriage or a partner will ‘make you happy’, you’re wrong. Sure, it can bring all sorts of good things into our lives, but once the honeymoon’s over, you may find your happiness level is no different to when you were flying solo. Being single is not a transition point between relationships. But

Breaking up – letting them down gently

You know he or she is not the one you want to be spending time with and you’ve put off the hard conversation long enough. You’ve been dumped before but now you’re doing the dumping. You know how much rejection hurts and, while you need to move forward with your life, you don’t want to

Jealousy – the green-eyed monster

Jealousy can destroy a relationship. It is a destructive, negative force. A feeling that can gnaw at you – and at your relationship. But it’s a very human emotion, and one that has even been observed in infants as young as five months. Perhaps you’re the jealous type, or perhaps your partner is getting jealous

Oh the pain…. Unrequited love

Unrequited love can haunt us for years. There’s something tragic yet deliciously romantic about it. It is something great romantic writers and poets have poured their hearts into. Here’s how Wikipedia defines the state: “Unrequited love is a feeling of attraction which is in no way mutual between two people, and only goes one way.

A man’s guide to turning a woman on

A sexual turn on for a guy varies quite considerably compared to what turns women on. It’s no secret that women are drawn to men who display characteristics of being in touch with their emotional selves. 1. When he brings out the true woman in you For the majority of free spirited women in today’s
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