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Rules for Dating!

Whether you are a Yankees fan or Red Sox fan, prefer great taste or less filling, or are a Democrat or Republican, everyone can agree on one thing: the dating world is a complicated place. How does one make the first move? What sort of move is there to make? How do you know if

Conversation tips

For most of us, getting the conversation started with a complete stranger is a daunting thought. Overcoming this fear has the potential for you to create new worlds and embark on new ventures when ever you please. Our advice on tackling this tricky terrain may at first sound like an obvious approach, but it’s about

6 points i realized during the first dates

1. Conversations matter over chiseled features. Dating in Los Angeles offers a fair share of slashers” (performer/model, musician/actor, actor/server), and a lot of people that are nevertheless relying on their visual appearance from high school to to displace substantive dialogues. It quickly became clear that I much preferred going away with the intelligent, smart guy
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