Behaving like a true Filipino


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Filipinos are considered the most hospitable people in Asia. I can testify this myself since I’m happily married to a Filipina. She has all the traits I want my wife to have. She is just so perfect to me. Now, she’s bearing our first child. I am so excited! I am so happy being with her.

I met my wife in an Asian date tour. Since then, my life changed for the better. She was the one who filled this emptiness in me. She literally completed my life. Right after our marriage, I began embracing the Filipino culture. I studied some traits, culture and traditions and applied it to myself and to our home. I guess, this is a good act to show my wife I value her culture.

Behaving like a true Filipino is not hard nor is it easy but it came naturally to me. Now, I’m enjoying our married life. In 5 months’ time, we’ll be welcoming our first baby, our first blessing. We’ll raise the baby with pure love and affection. I’ll teach our child the good traits his mom has.

What about your marriage story? Share your experiences and let’s talk about it.