Do you think joining online dating will help my son...?


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Something tragic happened to our family a year ago. I lost my wife, the mother of my child. She was battling cancer for the span of 6 months and it was really heartbreaking. We did a lot of chemotherapy but we ended up losing her.

I’m left with a kid I don’t even know how to give him the care only a mother can. Now, he’s been yearning for his mom. He needs a mother. This left me stunned, confused and concerned, to be honest, I don’t know how to address this! I even talked to my friends and one suggested about committing myself with dating tours or dating foreign events, I like the idea but I still need to decide about it.

Do you guys think joining such form of dating will satisfy my son’s yearning for a mom? Will I be able to fall in love again if I do?