Gf's mom talks way too much


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Okay... so, I really need to rant and release my anger somewhere. I’ll just rant here instead so I apologize in advance for any butthurt members out there. To make things detailed and clear, my relationship with my girlfriend has been going on for about 3 years now. We met during my visit in her hometown in Medellin for a meet foreign tour back then. Very lovely people. The locals are friendly and energetic wherever you go. But damn, I would’ve never thought there would be one friendly and energetic Costa Rican that would get on my nerves and it HAD to be my girlfriend’s MOTHER.

Where do I even begin?! The first time my gf introduced me to her family was during our first anniversary. I visited her over one weekend and that’s when I first met someone who I had to extend my patience with. She talks way too much and says the most obnoxious jokes. I know she doesn’t have any ill-intentions but come on, it gets annoying the more I hear them.

My gf doesnt know I dislike her mom but I dread the next time I’ll have to meet her mom again. How on earth can I explain this to her? She absolutely adores her mom and her talkative nature but I can’t imagine tolerating her for even a few days. I’d just hurt her if I were to be honest. I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m almost at my limit even by just meeting the woman for just about 5 times over the span of our relationship. HELP ME.