Grandparents of my gf are creeping me out. What to do?


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Okay, I don’t want to sound offensive or racist but the grandparents of my gf from the Philippines are seriously creepy. You see, me and my gf first met during an Asian dating tour last year and for our anniv, I came back to visit and she introduced me to her family. Since her parents passed away when she was a child, her grandparents took her in as their own. She cares of them deeply but I just don’t know how to act properly around them sometimes. They believe in these superstitions that kinda freak me out a little on the inside. One example is the fact that I can’t hold pets during a thunderstorm or else my head would rotate 360 degrees. It’s funny, I know, but they’re so serious that I get scared instead. I don’t know how to approach this. I don’t want to tell my gf either cause she might get hurt. Help!