How to improvise for a better dating life


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Many a great romance has died stillborn simply because of ‘not knowing what to say next’. The simple art of conversation may come naturally to many but when you are chatting to the beau of your dreams for the very first time it requires the complex skill of thinking on your feet whilst they threaten to give way from under you.
Here is a handy article from cnn on just how to do that. Basically, it is a skill that has always been an essential component of every actor’s training - the art of improvisation. The article contains a number of useful tips on how to improvise but the most practical advice given is a number of ways you can practice improvisation with friends. Really, the key is to script the unscripted. Improvising and thinking on your feet is easier when you have 2 or 3 little rules drilled into your head for when the butterflies attack. Such as ‘keeping the scene going’ which here is described as the ‘yes, and…’ rule and also of course asking open-ended questions which make it easier for your date (who might also be nervous) to improvise themselves.