My fiance is older than my mom


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Hi, I am Lisa from the Philippines. My fiance John will visit me here next month. I will also introduce him to my mom who is younger than him. I know this will be an awkward moment but my mom should be proud of me. John loves me so much and I can’t wait to be married to him. I hope my mom will be happy for me. This is what I want, to be married to someone I definitely love. I don’t care if he’s older than me. Age doesn’t matter anyway, right?

I met John at a romance tour in Cebu last year. We’ve been dating for a year. We love each other and that is true. Even if we’re miles apart, we still communicate and tries our best to reach out always. But the problem is in my mom’s. My mom wants me to marry someone my age. But knowing John, my mom might get disappointed. What should I do? What should my explanations be? I hope my mom will understand. It’s my choice anyway. But please do help me!


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Of course the age is not that important for dating and marriage. Tell your mom that you love john and absolutely this is a personal decision that you should decide for your marriage and your life.
Go ahead and celebrate your marriage!