My kids are looking for a father figure


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I had a divorce a year ago. I have 3 kids in my care. One is 6 years old, second is 5, and the last is still 2. To be honest, it’s tiring at times but I’m working hard for them. I don’t want them to live with nothing in their tummies and pockets. I guess with my work, I can sustain their needs and wants. I want what’s best for my kids.

Just recently, my two kids are looking for a father figure. I was astounded yet felt irresponsible by not giving them the chance to live without a father caring and loving them. But am I not enough? I’m doing my best for them and it should be enough. But still, that thought won’t come out from my head.

So I tried dating. I called some of my friends on whom to date. They gave me some site names but I think I’d be so desperate if I do so. So I ended up going to online dating. There I saw an ad for international dating social event. So I posted some of my pictures, trying it not be showy and agreed to attend the event.

Do you think I’ve made the right decision? Is this move a smart one? Please tell me so. I appreciate your responses!