there is hope


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TO ALL THOSE THAT HAVE LOST HOPE IN FINDING LOVE! Boy do I have news for you... I know dating sites are kind of outdated to the young people nowadays, but it was considered as a last resort. And thank God it was. I met the most wonderful woman in the world on a foreign dating site and we met as soon as possible because I was lucky enough to have been close to one of the matchmaking tour dates. So I flew across the world to Thailand where I first laid eyes on my future wife. She is such an angel. She’s the best wife I could’ve ever ask for. I don’t regret a thing. She’s made me the happiest man in the world. It’s impossible to be fooled by profile pictures with these things because the owners themselves make sure to hold photoshoots with the girls on it. The tour guides are really helpful and the venues are really neat. I’d give them 5 stars if I could!