Will be meeting my girlfriend's parents


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Not to be racist or anything but I’m feeling sick to my stomach with the thought of meeting my online girlfriends parents in the flesh. I’m from the United States and I met my gf through a interracial date tour a few years back. See where I’m going with this? Anyway, even though me and my lady have been together for quite some time now, I’ve heard stories from her and her siblings about how strict their parents are and how they kind of have some questionable opinions when it comes to race. What makes things worse is the fact that they don’t really approve of their daughter dating someone much older than her. I seriously need some tips on this. How I can wow her parents or atleast leave a good impression on them that she’s in good hands. S.O.S!


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It's not likely they will change their feeling, regardless of what you do...Just act naturally and be set up for that situation..

Furthermore, I likewise include that I wouldn't endorse of my daughter dating somebody she met online that was substantially older than her, and neither would most guardians out there as well..I wouldn't give it a second thought in the event that they were white, dark, yellow, or chartreuse...

If I may ask, how old are the two of you? If she's as young as I think she may be, just understand that it may not be personal, but that they are trying to protect their kid from an immature decision..

But good luck just the same...It sounds like an uphill battle...
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