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I am sweet, thoughtful, kind, intelligent, and have a great sense of humor. I am very easy going and laid back. I am often told that I am very easy to talk with. I am not an angry person

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I approach this renewed journey with caution as my feelings and heart are quick to get the best of my head. However, once I give them they are true and deep in every sense. I feel all is not fair in love and war. That is, I feel you should give someone your best and that you should exercise respect and honesty. I feel that a WOMAN is GOD's undeserved gift to MAN and she is supposed to be loved, reverenced, protected, respected, and cherished.Write me if this connects. If not, best of luck finding your "WOW"! We get the love that we allow. Let's have a little brain task, I'm going to place a little task here and see how you can crack it.. If you can solve it, get to me by using the medium outside here. "billwatsonalaska art GeeMhail dort come"Hint: Read it out aloud. it is a means of communication. Now lets see how smart you're. Just give it a try

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